Does Zineryt Work

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2015)

Zineryt Topical Solution For Acne

Zineryt is an acne treatment that combines antibiotic with zinc

zineryt lotionZineryt topical solution is a well established treatment for acne that uses the antibiotic Erythromycin and Zinc as the two active ingredients.

Erthryomycin is also available alone as a topical treatment (known as Stiemycin).

How Does Zineryt Work?

Erthryomycin is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for acne.

It is very effective at destroying the acne causing bacteria and combating the inflammation.

Erthyromycin taken by mouth as a tablet or medicine is notorious for causing gastric side effects in many people so erythromycin used in this way- as a topical solution applied to the skin means that it won’t affect the stomach and causing unpleasant side effects such as nausea, stomach upset and wind.

Zinc (Zinc acetate) is included in Zineryt because it has very beneficial skin healing effects which is important in the case of acne to prevent scarring.

Zineryt Side Effects

Zineryt is a fairly gentle acne medication but some users will experience some side effects, particularly within the first couple of weeks of use until your skin adapts to the medication. These include;

  • Itching
  • Dryness/flaking skin
  • Redness

These effects generally don’t last and can be eased by using an oil free moisturiser.

How To Use Zineryt

The Zineryt solution is a separate powder and solution which needs to be mixed before you can use it. Your pharmacist will normally mix this up for you so it can be used straight away.

It will expire 8 weeks after mixing so you will need to get a new supply of Zineryt after this time.

lady applying acne creamZineryt comes in a very convienient solution, a bottle with its own applicator pad with a protective cap. It should be used twice a day; morning and evening.

Simply remove the cap, invert the bottle so that the solution flows to the pad, press down on the skin gently to apply the solution.

Applying the pad more firmly to the skin will allow more solution to be released. Simply roll the pad over the affected areas, it usually will dispense just the right amount of solution but if you get too much on your skin simply blot the excess away.

Zineryt is usually prescribed for 3 months, sometimes a little less depending on how your skin responds.

User Reviews

Despite Zineryt being the more gentler of acne treatments, many users do seem to find the solution quite drying and causes flaking of the skin;

zinerytreview zinerytreview3

Where To Buy Zineryt In Ireland 

Zineryt is available on prescription only. It is not available online (legally) without a doctor’s prescription.

Our Thoughts

The problem with any antibiotic based skin treatments is antibiotic resistance. There will come a point in time where the treatment will lose its effectiveness, though this is less likely with topical treatments it can happen, which means its not really suitable for keeping acne under control for a very long period of time.

Zineryt has been around for many years, it is widely prescribed and definitely works, but it does seem to be quite drying on the skin, even though it’s not the strongest acne treatment available. It is very simple to use, easy to store and convenient to carry around which is an appealing option for many.

It is definitely a worthwhile treatment and worth considering, but we don’t believe it’s the best treatment for everyone, especially those with very severe acne.

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