Pyoderma Faciale (rosacea fulminans)

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

What Is Pyoderma Faciale

Pyoderma faciale is a rare skin condition that affects young and middle aged adult women

rosacea-fulminansPyoderma faciale (rosacea fulminans) is a uncommon skin condition that typically affects women -usually young adults, but it can affect older women too.

It can mimic both the appearance of rosacea and acne because it can looks extremely similar due to the papules and nodules that frequently occur.

Although technically it is not rosacea or acne, treatment is typically the same.

Pyoderma faciale differs from other skin conditions because it has key characteristics, it;

  • Often appears abruptly, even if you have no history of suffering from skin conditions 
  • Is confined to one area of the body; the face
  • Only affects women 
  • Can occur even with the absence of oily skin and blackheads and whiteheads
  • Doesn’t cause flushing of the skin or eye problems like traditional rosacea

Symptoms Of Pyoderma Faciale

rosacea fulminansRosacea fulminans presents itself as large, painful red nodules, sores and pustules on the chin, cheeks or forehead. These lesions have the potential to scar, ulcerate and cause pain and discomfort.

Its not clear what causes Rosacea fulminans, even on closer inspection of cultures taken of affected areas of skin, no infection is present.

Treatment For Pyoderma Faciale

Because it is a rare condition, there is no recommended treatment that is advised. Although many dermatologists will try to treat the condition with a series of systemic steroids, antibiotics and isotretinoin.

The good news is that with effective treatment, it can start to clear between 3 to 6 months.

For those who are suffering from diagnosed acne or rosacea, there are natural treatments that can help you that don’t require a prescription or any lengthy (and expensive) trips to a skin specialist.

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