Skinkind Skin Care Review

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2019)

What Is Skinkind

Natural Botanical Treatment For Problem Skin

Regretfully Skin kind has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy online – Click Here To Check Out Our Top Rated Acne Products

deep-skin-cleanser_1SkinKind (formerly known as Brookdale) was founded in 1988 by Josie and Steve Brookes.

They realised the importance of natural and environmentally friendly hand cleansers, particularly for very dry skin.

Their initial product was developed for industry workers who suffered from chronic and debilitating skin complaints that affected their work.

This grew to become a highly successful industrial business, as SkinKind have provided skin care products and services to some leading names such as Rolls Royce, Crown Paints, Silentnight Beds and Hallmark cards to name just a few.

It has also featured on the home shopping channel in America.

Today, Josie has developed the product further into the cosmetic marketplace to help treat skin conditions in sufferers of all ages that include acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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The SkinKind Range

The SkinKind Range consist of a number of natural skin cleansers and washes all designed to soothe and relieve dry, sore, red, irritated and problematic skin, ideal for all ages and skin conditions.

For skin conditions such as acne, the Deep Skin Cleanser is ideal for keeping pimples at bay;

SkinKind Deep Skin Cleanser

The Deep Skin Cleanser contains a blend of essential oils that include oil of lavender, micronised pine and avocado to unclog pores, gently exfoliate, soothe, moisturise and tone the skin.

lavenderFrench Lavender Extract

Lavender comes from the latin word ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash’.

It was used ritually as a bathing herb in ancient Roman times but today it is grown all over the world for its amazing benefits to body and mind.

Skin Kind uses the most pure kind of French Lavender available, which is completely non-toxic and no irritating to the skin. It helps to soothe and cleanse acne prone skin.

pine bark extractMicronised Pine Extract

Micronised Pine Extract (Pine needle oil) is an essential oil that is derived from the distillation of pine, needles, twigs and cones from the species “Pinus Sylverstris”.

It helps to disinfect, deodorise the skin and has natural antiseptic properties.

Pine needle helps to remove grime and oil from clogged pores.

Because Pine needle contains Vitamin A, it acts as an antioxidant which helps to slow down the ageing process.


Avocado is high in plant sterols (sterolins) which are believed to reduce the appearance of scars and age spots.

It is highly moisturising and in a study conducted at the depart of food engineering and biotechnology at the Israel Institute of Technology in 1991, found that avocado oil helps to increase the amount of collagen in the skin. 

Many acne sufferers do actually suffer from dry skin and avocado oil is excellent at relieving dryness, especially those with combination skin. 

How To Use Skin Kind       

The manufacturers recommend prior to application to test a small amount of product on a small area of skin, e.g behind the ear.

The deep skin cleanser is to be used twice a day, in the morning and again before bedtime.

The cleanser should be gently massaged into wet skin for one minute and then rinsed with warm water and patted dry with a soft, clean towel.

skinkind logoWhere To Buy Skin Kind In Ireland

Skin Kind can be purchased from the official website with worldwide shipping and is very competitively priced.

The Deep Skin Cleanser is available in two sizes; 50ml and 100ml and is priced at 24.50 for the 50ml and €53.03 for the 100ml.

If you’re looking for a natural and gentle treatment to tackle your problem skin, look no further than Skin Kind  

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