What Is Control Corrective Acne Treatment Gel

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2015)

Dermaceutica Control Corrective Acne Treatment Gel Review

Using the latest in skin care technology, Control Corrective Acne Treatment looks set to rival other products on the market

acne-spot-treatment-87-pLouisa Sullivan the woman behind Dermaceutica, is passionate about skin care and is dedicated to making sure that all her clients and customers achieve real results from the products they buy.

She has a wealth of knowledge about skincare and only provides the best possible skincare products for her consumers.

Control Corrective is an exciting acne treatment guaranteed to provide “results results results” which is Louisa’s mantra.

The featured line Control Corrective Skin Care System originates from the USA and has been around since 1997.

Its aims are to provide products that guarantee to deliver results, will visibly transform the skin and help to maintain the health and beauty of the skin with those suffering various skin conditions including acne, rosacea and sun damaged skin.

What Is Control Corrective Acne Treatment Gel

Control Corrective Acne Treatment gel is a non-prescription acne treatment that combines natural botanical extracts to provide a treatment that tackles acne in 4 ways;

  • Acts as an antiseptic and astringent, helps to remove spot causing bacteria while toning the skin
  • Exfoliates and unclogs pores
  • Helps to lighten hyperpigmentation
  • Removes dead skin cells and dissolves thick layers of skin

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Control Corrective Acne Treatment Ingredients

witch hazel extractWitch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a derivative of the Hamamelis tree and is commonly used in skin care products for its toning, anti-inflammatory properties which helps to relieve inflamed acne prone skin. It can also be used to treat bruises, insect bites and sunburns.

Salicylic Acid 2%

Salicylic Acid 2% is a chemical derived from the bark of sweet birch and wintergreen leaves. Its renowned for its natural antiseptic and exfoliating properties and is ideal for use on oily skin. Its counterparts which you can find in local pharmacies and chemists are usually too low in strength to have truly effective results, but 2% is much higher, therefore being far more effective.

aloe vera extractAloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used in many skincare products worldwide as it is a highly effective moisturiser and helps to calm and relieve the pain and discomfort of skin burns and irritations. It helps to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance and contains vitamins, proteins, minerals and enzymes that the skin needs to be healthy and heal itself.

Glycolic Acid 3%

Glycolic Acid helps to dissolve the dry and thick layers of skin and unclogs pores and remove keratinised dead cells. Its effective on both dry and oily skins as it helps to smooth and nourish uneven skin as it allows other, increase blood circulation and can even help to lighten and dissolve areas of skin where pigmentation is a problem, many people with acne suffer from abnormal pigmentation where their acne is/has been.

Additional ingredients include Panthenol and Allantoin, two excellent moisturisers that heal, reduce inflammation, hydrate, help to repair damaged skin and promote the growth of new healthy skin cells.

How To Use Control Corrective

Control Corrective should be applied sparingly to clean and dry skin. Can be used all over blemishes or just as a ‘on the spot’ treatment.

If skin irritation occurs, reduce use or discontinue the product, if irritation persists, seek medical advice.

NB: Control Corrective is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Where To Buy Control Corrective In Ireland

Control Corrective Acne Treatment Gel can be purchased worldwide exclusively from the Dermaceutica website.

Priced at €66.02 for one 30ml bottle (trust us, a little goes a long way!) shipping is worldwide.

If you want a product that really delivers its promises AND is strong enough to work without the need of a prescription, Control Corrective Acne Treatment Gel is the way forward.

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