What Is Hormonal Acne

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)

Treatments For Hormonal Acne

If Your Acne Seems To Flare Up At Certain Times Of The Month, You Probably Suffer From Hormonal Acne..

women with hormonal acneMany adult women and teenage girls suffer from inflammatory acne that is not necessarily present all the time, (hence the name “hormonal”) it often flares up around the time of the month (menstrual cycle) usually just before her period begins or sometimes during.

During ovulation, the androgen (male sex hormone) receptors are very sensitive to the hormone changes which can kick-start oil production and cause the skin cells to become sticky which leads to clogged pores and in turn;spots.

While the predominate cause of acne is the acne causing bacteria (p.acnes), hormones have a definite influence on acne breakouts.

man with hormonal acneMen, in particular teenage boys, also suffer from hormonal acne due to the surges of testosterone during puberty.

Men and women produce three types of sexual hormone: testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone.

Men produce a lot more testosterone than women so they often suffer from much severe forms of acne than women.

What Are The Treatments For Hormonal Acne?

For women with hormonal acne, a contraceptive pill is often prescribed.

Popular contraceptive pills for the treatment of acne include Dianette and Yasmin (Yaz).

Another option is a medication called spironolactone, though this isn’t often prescribed.

acne pillsFor men, there is nothing hormonally that can be done so antibiotics and topical treatments such as retinoids are often used to treat more moderate forms of acne.

For the most severe cases in both men and women, Isotretinoin (Accutane, Roaccutane) is sometimes prescribed.

It must be used under strict medical supervision and regular testing due to the possible serious side effects.

Its a legal requirement that women must be on at least one form of contraception when taking isotretinoin.

Natural Hormonal Acne Treatments Ireland

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