Yasmin For Acne

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2015)

How Does Yasmin Treat Acne

Yasmin is a second generation contraceptive pill that is sometimes used to treat acne

yasminYasmin (or Yaz) is a low dose combined contraceptive pill to help protect against pregnancy.

It contains synthetic versions of two female hormones that include an oestrogen called Ethinylestradiol and a progestin Drospirenone.

Its primarily prescribed for birth control reasons, although many doctors will offer it as potential treatment for acne for women who want to go on birth control or if other acne treatments have had little success.

It is also used to treat hirsutism (excess hair growth in women.)

The way in which Yasmin works to treat acne is that it is an anti-androgenic. Meaning it blocks the action of the male hormone androgens (these are what can contribute to excess oil production) which helps to prevent acne and/or excess hair growth.

It can usually work quite quickly to clear acne.

woman taking pill for acneWho Should Take Yasmin

Yasmin is normally prescribed for women with acne who want or need to go on a contraceptive pill. Its not often prescribed solely for acne but it is an option if no other acne treatments work.

A doctor will decide whether Yasmin is suitable for you.

The following people should not take Yasmin, even if you’re not using it for contraceptive reasons:

  • Breastfeeding women
  • If you or a close relative has ever had deep vein thrombosis in the leg or a pulmonary embolism under the age of 45
  • If you are having treatment for varicose veins
  • If you have had a heart attack, stroke or mini-stroke
  • Women over 35, particularly those who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day
  • Women with moderate to high blood pressure
  • If you are obese or are immobile for long periods of time due to illness
  • Women with an irregular heartbeat, angina or heart valve disease*


woman with spotHow To Take Yasmin

Yasmin is to be taken once daily with a glass of water.

If also using for contraceptive purposes it’s important to take it at the same time everyday, otherwise the efficacy of it can be affected. It should be taken for 21 days followed by a 7 day break.

It should ideally be taken during the first day of your cycle but can be taken at any other time as long as your doctor is certain you aren’t pregnant. If taking it at any other time in your cycle you must use an additional contraception method like a condom, for the first 7 days.

If you are sick or have diarrhoea within two hours of taking a pill, take another and then take the next as usual.

Can You Buy Yasmin In Ireland

No, not without a prescription.

Yasmin Side Effects

  • Depression
  • Breast Pain
  • Nausea
  • Migraine or very severe headaches
  • Vaginal infection
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Hair loss
Rarely, serious side effects can occur such as:
  • DVT (Deep vein thrombosis)
  • Stroke/Heart attack
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Liver Cancer
  • Cervical Dysplasia
  • Lupus
  • Brain Haemorrhage
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Yasmin Dangers

petra zeleAn article published in the Guardian online early this year showed how a 28 year old Australian women Petra Zele collapsed and died after suffering a pulmonary embolism while taking Yasmin for only 7 months.

Although she had a genetic predisposition to suffering from a DVT, the inquest revealed that women taking Yasmin were as much as 6.3 times more likely to develop a pulmonary embolism than those not taking any contraceptive pill.*

Read the article here*

Our Thoughts

If you are taking or considering taking Yasmin to treat your acne, we strongly urge you to look for a safer and far less risky alternative.

Yasmin is not to be taken lightly, it can have far reaching and even possibly, fatal consequences for albeit it a small number of women, its simply not worth the gamble, no matter how bad your acne might be.

We have compiled a list of some of the best natural acne products available in Ireland today that are not only effective, they are safe and natural.

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